Indie List

The Indie List is Ireland’s leader for freelance marketing talent. They¬†provide easy access to hundreds of highly experienced freelancers, contractors and consultants quickly and cost-effectively.

Project Overview

Client: Indie List
Sector: Recruitment
Category: Brand & Web

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The Challenge

Indie List engaged with us to create a new brand identity and to design and develop a new website that would stand out from its competitors. The new brand identity had to be created in a unique way so that it can grow and develop with the business over the next 5 years. We created a style that was fresh, cutting edge and full of life.

The Solution

We started by completing our deep-dive review on where the business currently is, where its been and where we want it to go. This helped us uncover a lot of opportunities and sidestep any potential pitfalls. Competitive and comparative analysis and a competitor landscape were presented along with persona development and task analysis report to show Indie List their unique opportunities.

After the initial consultant was completed and we agreed on the brief, timeframes and budget, we started an intensive workshop to design and deliver as much as possible in the set timeline. Logo, tone of voice and brand strategy was quickly completed and agreed upon before we fleshed out the brand guidelines and created all relevant artwork elements. We also imported these into Canva for ease-of-use for the client to edit and amend.

The Result

During the time of the pandemic and the crazy times around the globe, Indie List has flourished through their forward-thinking approach to how small businesses have had to adapt and the power of the local creative freelance industry. The website we created is working hard for them and the automated jobs board has completely revolutionised the day-to-day operations of their business.